Clinical Supply Optimizer

Clinical supply planning is one of most challenging problems in clinical operations. For clinical supply chain network planning, having multiple regional depots as well as site storage, the key questions are:

  • How to minimize clinical trial supply chain costs (packaging, labeling, storage, and shipping)?
  • How to align deterministic supply schedule and uncertain drug demand?
  • How to optimize inventory levels?
  • How to minimize overages?
  • How to minimize material waste?
  • How to optimize shipment schedules & package sizes?
  • How to optimize safety stock?
  • How to take into account shelf life?

The ORbee Consulting solution is based on combined usage of optimization (Clinical Supply Optimizer) and simulation tools (Clinical Supply Simulator) for optimal planning of clinical supply materials. The combined use of these tools will:

  • Generate optimal shipment sizes and schedules
  • Align production schedules, site demand and risk of stock-out
  • Derive optimal replenishment policy (time and quantity of materials)
  • Make real time corrections due to uncertainties during plan execution (contingency planning with or without IWRS)
  • Generate multiple "what-if" scenarios simulating real life situations in supply
  • Assess risk of stock-out and provide recommendations regarding material overages to minimize this risk