Site Selection Optimizer

Site selection for a clinical trial is one of most challenging problems in clinical trial planning. Poor site selection may cause enrollment delays, resource waste on zero participation, and potentially compromise trial results. Tangentially, site selection should meet many contradictory requirements such as recruiting targets, budgeting constraints, business rules, and many others.

The current site selection approach is based on questionnaires, informal database analysis, or simplistic sorting, and includes intensive communication between CRO, sponsors and investigators.

Hopefully, this process will generate a “good enough” solution (eg. selecting a set of “good” sites), but may take substantial time and effort.

ORbee Consulting proposes an analytical optimization model (Site Selection Optimizer) which guarantees optimal site selection.

The model selects an optimal set of sites and, at the same time, aligns budget, recruitment target, site capacity, and trial power.

The model can be used for both strategic (before trial start) and operational planning (after trial start – replacements for zero participation, recruitment target corrections, etc.)