Clinical Trials Optimizer

This tool is intended to optimize capacity planning & scheduling across a clinical trials portfolio, aiming at optimal scheduling of early stage trials and balancing resources across the portfolio.

In many cases, resources (both money and FTEs) are prioritized for late stage trials. Therefore, early stage trials could be delayed indefinitely causing future gaps in the pipeline.

The Clinical Trials Optimizer utilizes traditional information collected for planning purposes, such as:

  • Workload demand on monthly or quarterly basis
  • FTE and non-FTE related expenses
  • Manpower and budget supply projections for a variety of business scenarios related to planned and ongoing clinical trials

Output data includes:
  • Optimal trials scheduling
  • Dynamic resource allocation across employee roles, business groups (cost centers) and clinical trials
  • Optimal resource utilization
  • Resource excess and deficit across employee roles, cost centers, and trials
  • Other metrics

The tool also can generate optimal contingency planning strategy across clinical trials portfolio due to significant events, such as:

  • Protocol amendments
  • Trial cancellation or delay
  • Invocation of a new trial
  • Clinical trial prioritization