Portfolio Simulator

Detailed simulation is necessary for risk management strategy analysis given a portfolio of interdependent projects. Therefore, a variety of risk mitigation strategies are implemented in the ORbee Consulting Portfolio Simulator. Risk mitigation strategies may include: contingency planning, drug reformulation and repositioning, backups, secondary indications (eg. growth strategies), life cycle management strategies and others.

These strategies can increase portfolio value, reduce portfolio risk, and increase overall probability of success for individual programs.

However, at the same time, implementation of risk mitigation strategies in portfolio planning processes may increase overall resource demand, which may not be aligned with initial resource supply projections.

The ORbee Consulting Portfolio Simulator simulates portfolio workflow based on decision trees, stage-gate processes, and a variety of risk mitigation algorithms. Animation is embedded into the simulation process in order to visualize work-flow processes and simulation results. Please click here to view a sample portfolio simulation.

Simulation goals:

  • Validation of portfolio strategy (eg. generated by Portfolio Optimizer)
  • Portfolio risk assessment
  • Simulation of variety of risk mitigation strategies
  • Coordination with portfolio strategic planning
  • Resource deficit risk assessment

Both Portfolio Optimizer and Portfolio Simulator can be used jointly to derive portfolio planning solutions balanced across strategic goals, value, resources, and risk.